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Issues that are important to me:


I am dedicated to addressing homelessness head on by implementing effective, long-term solutions that provide housing, support services, and opportunities for those in need. I understand that income inequality and affordable housing go hand-in-hand. With your support, we can bring about real change and ensure that every person in Port Angeles can have safe shelter and affordable housing.

Addiction Intervention

As a social worker I understand the need for support services for those facing addiction problems. As a community we can provide the help needed by partnering with local agencies and non-profits to help those in crisis. 


I am proud to call Port Angeles my home. I've lived here for 8 years and I love this community. I am fueled by our desire to create a more inclusive, compassionate, and equitable Port Angeles. I firmly believe that by working together, we can shape our city's future to uplift every member of our community. 


  • "She has a big heart, in part why I choose to support her. Gov't. can use a few more good people." ---Chief Terry Gallagher (Ret.), Port Angeles Police Dept.


As a grassroots organization that works for policies that heal the sick and wounded, we strongly endorse Amy Miller for a seat on the Port Angeles City Council.

During her tenure on the PA Council, Ms. Miller has worked hard to provide health care and full assistance for all who need it. Before appointment to the PA Council she was a social worker who toiled to assist the poor, the homeless, anyone struggling against addiction. She always stresses that she struggled to free herself, to gain an education, to devote her life to public service. Ms. Miller stresses that she could not have done it alone. She had help from her family, friends, neighbors, her community. She is working to build that same grassroots network here to help everyone in need in the Port Angeles community. We are proud that Amy Miller is on the Port Angeles City Council. Let’s keep her there! Please fill out your ballot and mail it in before Nov. 7. Vote Amy Miller! ---Tim Wheeler, Voices for Health & Healing Clallam County

  • "Amy Miller has my personal endorsement because our values are at stake. Ms. Miller clearly has the experience, qualifications, and personal qualities to move Port Angeles a direction that will benefit everyone. Her opponent, by deliberately ignoring city ordinance, has demonstrated that he is motivated by profit." ---Mr. Bruce Cowan

  • Cheri Tinker, MSW --- Sarge's Place Veteran Support


My Approach
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